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This is how SEO is supposed to work

There’s no better way to show the benefit of including SEO in your website redesign than the results of a real-world project.

This is a small business (10 pages) website we worked on for one of our agency clients. The agency's client had complained about their site not showing up in natural search. GoogleMyBusiness was keeping them in the local map listing, but you couldn't find them in natural search listings. The only way you could get to their website was to link through their GMB page.

Step 1 - What do we have here?

The initial scan showed the entire site had been tagged “No Index”. That's like "anti-SEO". Google had orders to ignore the site in search, and that’s exactly what they did. After the site owner's initial shock (there may have been a hunt for the guilty party), it took about 10 minutes of code work and a sitemap submission to get them back in the search results pages.

Step 2 - Research and plan for success

Next step was to analyze the business drivers so that we could create a solid site plan (index or site map) with our "content buckets". Then we did both competitor research and key term (keyword) research. This told us how content should be organized and what terms they should focus on in creating new, expanded content. The agency developed the content, and did a nice job of making the overall design and graphics more exciting, with plenty of conversion opportunities.

Step 3 - Double-check and click "Publish"

We did a final review and edit on the content for optimization while the site was being readied for launch in November 2021.

Step 4 - Results- SEO does the trick!

How’s it doing? The image says it all. After the initial correction popped traffic up to roughly 700 visitors/month (a realistic baseline), the redesign is now pulling 1,700 visitors/month and climbing. That's nice.

The keywords the site is being indexed for have more than doubled. We haven’t got data on conversions yet, but the agency says the client is happy and actually getting inquiries from the website. They're going to start active promotion through social media, email and paid ads, now that they have a great website to point people to.

That’s exactly how it’s supposed to work. Want to see if your website could benefit from this same process? Give us a call.

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