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We’re marketing folks who know search very well.

Everything we do at Big Pig has a foundation in SEO, from pure technical SEO work to content that we develop for clients. We serve individual clients as well as Frisco and Plano marketing agencies that do not have their own SEO in-house. Bill Krueger, owner of Big Pig, has been a marketer for over 25 years for both clients and marketing agencies.

Bill has actively worked in SEO since 2006, after attending classes taught by Stephan Spencer (co-author of “The Art of SEO”). Bill still studies digital marketing and SEO every day, including the occasional nudge from Stephan, and is a 10-year member of DFW/SEM, a Dallas Search Engine Marketing organization.

We partner with a number of experienced developers, vetted on dozens of projects, with capabilities including WordPress, 

SilverStripe and almost any PHP Content Management System, E-commerce, Visual Studio (ASP.NET), database and application development, and mobile development.

We offer clients something many web programmers and small design shops can’t – SEO and marketing knowledge. We’ve rebranded companies, managed online and offline ad campaigns, and produced websites from 2 to 800+ pages. For us, that often meant we became market experts and developed much of the content, as well as design and related applications. That’s one reason why websites we developed 5 years ago are still doing well in search. We don’t do “black hat SEO”, we just help build the best site the budget will allow, with good content, structured to make sense to the viewer and the search engines.

“As a boutique agency, Lost Pearl Creative hires outside help for specialty services such as SEO. After interviewing 20+ SEO companies and contractors, we discovered Bill with Big Pig. His transparency about his process is invaluable to our business, as we prioritize authenticity with our clients.

Extremely knowledgeable, Bill goes above and beyond to explain what he is working on and why. He's achieved incredible success with our clients. Ones that were hesitant to invest the money are now thankful they did, because of the ROI they have received. Bill will turn a website from a digital brochure to a lead generator.” 

Marie Linne von Berg, Creative Director, Lost Pearl Creative


Most websites say “Here I am and here’s what I sell.” That’s important, but it’s a mistake to stop there. You need more: benefits, differentiation and enticing calls-to-action that convert, using key terms that will help your site be found faster in search.
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Bill Krueger
Founder of Big Pig SEO


We think you’ll be pleased with what we do. We only work on what you agree to in advance, with an estimate. We monitor what we do using analytics, review results with you and take corrective action, if needed. If you don’t believe what we’re doing is successfully working towards your goals, we’ll stop. We are professionals that have been doing this for years. We strive to maintain best practices in what we do, but there are many factors out of our control that prevent us from offering specific performance guarantees.