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Get an SEO Audit (SEO Health Check) for your website!

A real SEO Audit is more than clicking a button and waiting for the free 20-page sales pitch. Our entry-level SEO Health Check identifies the important issues that can impact your website performance. It’s great for busy marketing agencies and business owners – your report will be short but packed with actionable insights on the highest priority issues to improve your website’s “find-ability” in natural search.

The SEO Audit is largely a manual process performed by an experienced SEO and Marketing pro in Frisco with over 15 years of experience optimizing websites. We include select information generated from automated tools, but they mostly make quantitative judgments; we make our own judgments on qualitative things like graphic design, site flow, content quality, ability to convert or appropriateness for a market.

What’s Included in Big Pig’s SEO audit?

site programming issues

  1. Check for pages indexed by search engines and evidence of spam results or hacking. Confirm the site is secure (https://) and mobile-responsive. Check for manual penalties from Google (if Search Console is installed) and verify analytics are installed correctly (account login info required). Check Analytics for basic performance data.
  2. Scan for HTML errors, server errors and a current XML sitemap and Schema.
  3. Check Site Speed in mobile and desktop, use of caching, hosting response, image compression, external program and image calls, and other programming issues that could hurt performance. 
  4. Verify that content is properly structured: Titles, Descriptions and Headline tags are present and unique, properly structured and optimized.
  5. Review content quantity, look for duplicate or orphaned content and internal linking.
  6. Check for image captions, file names and alt tags.

link profiles

  1. Check for site verification by Google and Bing, business presence in GoogleMyBusiness, Bing Business Places and important general directories.
  2. Validate business presence in market vertical directories and social media.
  3. Review inbound link status: number of links, quality of linking domains, potential spam links that could affect site performance.

how easy is your site to use?

  1. First Impressions: Is the design market-appropriate, good for both viewers and SEO? Colors, design approach, content placement, titles, etc.
  2. Is it obvious what action you want viewers to take, and is the information present to enable that?
  3. Are graphics unique or common stock, and good quality? Do graphics support the messaging?
  4. Is the site flow easy to follow and use? Is there unnecessary or unclear navigation? Are there elements that don’t work?
  5. Is content unique and engaging with evidence of a keyword strategy? Did you copy it? (We actually read your content. If it’s copied or SEO gibberish you bought, we can usually tell.)

What does an seo audit cost?

Your cost depends on the scope of the review and the size of your website. Typical small business SEO Audits start at $849. On larger sites we usually select from a cross-section of similar interior pages to use as examples to be more efficient, and we dive deeper into areas of concern. We’ll have a conversation to confirm what you want and determine your actual cost from that.

What's Next?

You’ll receive a report with a list of the things you should address and their priority. We can provide best practices for your staff to use to resolve most issues, if you want to solve them internally.

Of course, we can perform all of the work we recommend and hope that you will consider us for that. We have helped many website owners improve their search performance, and we work with our strategic partners to modify existing sites or design and build new websites on the most popular platforms when it’s necessary.

what about larger businesses?

We provide completely customized services for larger businesses where our standard SEO Audit isn’t the right fit.

Call us to discuss your needs.