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Memories from our SKSW agency past...

Occasionally it’s nice to share some history. It helps you understand who you might be working with and their capability to help you solve your challenges.

What’s in the history of Big Pig? We are part of what remains after SKSW, a full-service marketing agency with a 20+ year history, was sold. These images were in a “memories” email a couple days ago from OneDrive, highlighting images from 2009 (why that year?) from the agency. It’s a hoot.

The Eljer work was part of their 100th anniversary celebration, in a hugely-popular calendar of the decades done for their distributors. This was a significant graphic design and production project that required multiple reprints due to demand.

Glass House was a new condo in Dallas. We (directed by Jim Foley) designed a very successful launch, with brochures, website, POP and PR including tours and radio. We did have to remove the ferociously large “Now Leasing!” banner we hung outside the 18th floor, though.

Selkirk was a client of SKSW for almost 10 years, and we (led by Paul Wirta) produced almost everything for them – website, catalogs, trade booths, product photography… we helped them raise their game and their market share. They get the best client award.

Tripledge was a short success story- we helped launch their new wiper blades so effectively that their manufacturing was almost overwhelmed. The brand has since folded to our knowledge, although images of their packaging (with design updated by us) still exist on the web.

SKSW also developed TopGolf's logo and branding, still in use worldwide, special thanks to Ani Edohoukwa.

Fun, imaginative stuff from a talented group of creatives. We remember all of you, and wish you all success for 2023!

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