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Google's Page Experience Score- we're not scared!

Page Experience is a whole new metric for site designers and developers. As we stated in an earlier blog post, Google announced the new Core Web Vitals (part of Page Experience) would become signals for search ranking in May, 2021. We’ve been on pins and needles. Well, the first reports are coming in.

We thought you might like to see Active Relationships. We just launched at the end of May with a full graphic redesign, a new site index, refreshed content front to back, along with efforts to improve conversion, fix security and eCommerce issues. We are actually still optimizing the site for search.

Google: “Your site has 97.7% URLS with a good page experience” (mic drop)

Various publications say that less than 10% of sites currently have acceptable Core Vitals scores. SearchMetrics says less than 4% passed all core vitals in a current study where they crawled over 2 million urls. Page Experience is a combination of Core Web Vitals and other signals together – load speed and stability, interactivity, mobile-friendliness, and security. These signals measure the experience and perception of users when they visit a webpage. Google uses these signals to help choose the most helpful page to present to users in search, and we’re pretty happy at 97.7%. Investigating that 2.3% revealed a minor redirect issue, which is now fixed. That's a good launch!

Next steps: updated products, blogs, backlinks, social media

Behind the public pages, Active Relationships is an eCommerce site for a world-wide community of certified trainers in relationship skills. Now our graphic design partner, Lost Pearl Creative, is redesigning all the supporting course materials and PowerPoint presentations. There’s some planning going on for social media, some new blog posts and then link work. We’ll tell you how the site performs in comparison to the old site after a few months.

It’s been a good project. How does your site fare with the new Core Vitals and Page Experience? Need a redesign?

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