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Free SEO?

Is there such a thing as Free SEO? Yes. If you think about it, basic Search Engine Optimization (which really should be called Website Optimization) really can be free. While this is a little tongue-in-cheek, if you know what you’re doing, you can do SEO yourself. Just like you can fix your own plumbing, except there are no parts to buy! Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Do some keyword research, then write your content using those keywords. You’ll need to format your content so it’s not one long paragraph, and then place it into your website. Don’t forget to include good titles, sub-heads, and some lists. Include some links to other pages in your site. A lot of instant site platforms offer hints as you add content and images.
  2. Take your own unique images, crop and color correct them as RGB JPG files, size and optimize them appropriately, and place them into your site with proper file names, alt tags, captions and descriptions. That's important because Google Images is the second largest search engine. Again, many site platforms offer helpful hints along the way. Here’s a document that explains, step-by-step, how to manually optimize images using Photoshop.
  3. Install Google Analytics and Search Console (both free), and keep an eye on them. You’ll see how your site SEO is working, including which content is getting the attention. Update or replace your weaker content, and keep building on the good stuff. Make changes regularly, so Google keeps re-indexing your site. Search Console will notify you if they see anything wrong.
  4. If you can program your own site, you may have the skills to look deeper at technical issues that might hurt your SEO, like manual actions from Google, slow load times, 404 errors, hacked pages or canonical tags (not “conical” tags) and other issues.
  5. Keep an eye on your competition, too. If you’re slipping in search, and somebody else is gaining, look over their site. See what they’re doing that you’re not, and consider developing similar (but better!) features and content. Look at our page on Gap Analysis for more insight.
  6. Don’t forget to blog, and post your new blog articles in your social media accounts to help drive some traffic.

Now this question: If you have the time to do these things, who's running your business? If you aren’t 100% confident about all of those steps, think about getting help from someone that does it all the time, so you can go make money doing what YOU do.

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