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Welcome to Big Pig. We help our clients improve their market presence through intelligent Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that result in more traffic and more sales.

With 20 years’ experience solving web marketing challenges for companies of all sizes – from local service firms to manufacturers that sell nationwide – we can help you optimize your current web presence, implement a digital marketing plan, or help you redevelop your website from the ground up. Whether you need local search marketing expertise, or an enhanced market presence nationally, we have the experience to deliver greater brand recognition and more traffic with improved search and conversion performance.

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Get more than just traffic. Get the traffic that drives your business.

Many websites, even new ones that are nicely designed, can be missing the SEO basics. Solving these issues with adjustments in content, coding and development of quality references that point to your site can result in big increases in traffic. By analyzing the visitors you attract and how they interact with your site, it can be further optimized to bring in the right kind of traffic, those visitors interested in your product or service that can easily enter your sales process.

Could you increase traffic and conversions by solving those issues with my current website?

Absolutely. We’ve made improvements to plenty of existing sites when the basic platform is sound. But design trends (like mobile and secure sites), plus constant changes in search algorithms from Google and Bing, may be causing your website performance to suffer. Old code, poorly written content, lack of optimization (or over-optimization), even bad design can cost you potential business. Because we understand all sides of the equation, we can help you make dramatic improvements in search response for your current website.

Your site can drive higher quality traffic and sales, not just validate your existence.

Most websites state “here I am, here’s what I sell”. That’s important, but small-to-medium businesses especially fight the biggest battle as far as appearing the same as everyone else. Content has always been important to score well with search engines, but brand messaging and Content Marketing with a foundation in SEO stands the best chance of answering the question, “Why should they call you?”

Get an optimization plan.

Even big brand names can get pushed down the page by little guys that understand how to optimize a website. We can help you fix the simple things quickly and put together a plan that allows the other opportunities to be addressed based on your goals and budget.
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